Ghost Publishing

What is it?

Simply put, Ghost publishing means we perform all the work, but you receive all the reward. We prepare your files and then hand them over to you so that you are your own publisher!

Don't worry, we set up your account for you and remain available to you for maintenance, questions, and assistance.

The Benefits of Ghost Publishing:

-Authors retain 100% of their royalties
-Payments are made directly to author's bank account
-Royalty reports are sent directly to author
-Authors can order books on their own whenever you need them.

Package Amenities

Listed below are the standard package amenities. Cost may vary for files outside of the standards listed. Books are available in paperback, hardback, digital download*, eBook, and audio versions.

Note: Number of pages refers to typed, unformatted, 12 pt font text.


125 typed pgs.

8.5x11 or 6x9

up to 20 authors/40 images
(Black and White Images)
(10 pages of text per author)

Multiple authors with multiple stories/articles.


100 typed pgs.

8.5x11 or 7x10

up to 50 recipes/
50 stock images
(Black and White Images)

Group of recipes and images.


100 typed pgs.

6x9 or 5.5x8.5

5 images/
(Black and White Images)

Novel/Memoir: A story that may be fictional, non-fictional.


75 typed pgs.

6x9 or 5.5x8.5

10 images/
(Black and white images)

Life-Help: Also known as self-help. Offers readers advice for life improvement.


50 pgs.

8.5x8.5 or 11 x 8.5

15 full-color images/
(Includes front/back covers)

Juvenile: A book for children that includes illustrations. 


50 typed pgs.

6x9 or 5.5x8.5

75 poems/75 stock images/
(Black and white images)

Poetry: Includes poetry and/or prose.

Author's Advantage Package

No reports!
No shipping!
No hassle!
Real-time payments!

Package Features:

eCommerce Website
Custom Domain Name
Basic Logo
Book Trailer Video
1 Digital Download

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