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Born on October 25, 1956, in Gary, Indiana, G. E. Miller (Gwendolyn Elizabeth) had a vivid imagination from the start. By the 6th grade, she discovered she had a reading disability and read only by memorizing words that she’d heard. Her parents aggressively began working with her to help improve her reading skills. After school, she came home to a room dedicated to her where she’d read out loud by herself. Her father gave her a dictionary, paper, and a pencil and instructed her to write down every word she could not pronounce while reading. After reading, she had to look up those words, write down the definition, and practice pronunciation.

By the time Gwen reached Junior High School, she was reading everything in sight. A need for writing emerged, and Gwen soon began writing poems.

Her weekly allowance was used to buy paper, pens, and pencils. Joining the Gary Workshop Writers Group (Gary, Indiana), Gwen read many of her poems at the monthly readings.

After graduating college and earning a B.A. in Communications in 1980, Gwen relocated to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Married to Larry S. Miller, the two have two children (LaShae and Glenn), and three grandchildren (Jason, Jeremiah, and Jada). In addition to her biological children, Gwen has six stepchildren and fifteen step-grandchildren.

A fellow writer once told her, “When it’s time for you to fly, you will fly!” 

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Author G. E. Miller

Announcing G. E. Miller's newest release, "But I've Never Been 4 Before!"

Author G. E. Miller is back with another fun-filled, action-packed, engaging story. Children will love this book, but adults will as well. The story is vivid, relatable, and encourages children to talk about the things that bother them.

Congratulations Mrs. Miller!

But I've Never Been 4 Before

Today is a big day for Jada
because today she turns 4!
But instead of total excitement, Jada wonders about things she can’t do anymore.

Is Being 4 any different than being Three?
Jada will soon see!

Join Jada on a birthday journey
that makes her bolder,
as she learns what it means
to be another year older!

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